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FrontLine Driver Training

Advanced Driver Training Services

"The best safety device you can put in a vehicle,

is a well trained driver."

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FrontLine Driver Training has been on the forefront of driver training for over 25 yrs, having developed the most comprehensive programs available today.

Our proprietary 'Success on the Road' driver training programs, have been uniquely developed by educators and professional drivers, utilizing a specialized training approach concentrating on the mechanics of proper driving in real life situations while focusing on safety.

Sports Car in Storm


For all aspects and types of fleets

Conference Meeting

'Success on the Road'
Interactive Classroom Workshop

Initial Comprehensive Approach

  • The foundation of all of our driver training programs. Utilizing our proprietary and specialized training system, this workshop is an in-depth, in person - Interactive Driver Training Workshop 

       ( 2+ hours ) including:

  • Certified Instructor(s) (varies depending on class scheduling)

  • Live Interactive Training Quiz

  • “Success on the Road” Manual

  • Evaluation

  • Certificate of Completion


'Success on the Road'
'Road Reality Training'

Classroom Workshop Implementation

The next step towards helping your drivers further cement the knowledge learned in the 'Success on the Road' Classroom Workshop.

This program takes them out on the road, in real life situations, with a professional instructor, to practice what was learned in the classroom.


'Success on the Road'
'Road Reality Training'
1 on 1

For Individualized Training

This program is designed for those drivers that have had 'incidents' and require 1 on 1 training immediately.

Traffic Cone

'Success on the Road'
'Car Control Course'

Customized Programs

  • Backing-up Training

  • Pick-up Truck / SUV w trailer

  • Municipality

  • Security Drivers

  • First Responders

    • Law Enforcement

    • Fire

    • EMT


  • We use online modules/driver training. Why do I want a different program?

o Online modules are often equated to a 'Zoom' call - filling the gap until an in-person training can be done.

o Additionally, modules are limited in their ability to actually teach. In person interaction with a professional instructor, increases learning as well as retention. The “Success on the Road”programs, provide drivers an advanced level of training unobtainable with modules, thereby providing a higher level of learning and implementation.


  • Should we train just our "high risk" or “bad” drivers?

o The simple answer is “NO”.

o According to NHTSA numbers, the average crash ratio is about 20% per year. You will only have limited

success by training just the high-risk / bad drivers.

o We do offer a 1 on 1 program for those drivers that have had 'incidents'

o Preemptive training reduces your crashes, lowers your risk, and saves you money.


  • ​Is it possible to customize the “Success on the Road” program?

o Yes – Having worked with a wide array of clients – including Law Enforcement/EMTs, municipalities,

pharmaceutical & chemical companies, manufacturers and service industries, we understand that each

customer is unique and has specific situations that need to be addressed.


  • How / when is the training program implemented?

o Training is often done at sales/tech meetings, safety meetings, or whenever it is “convenient”. It can be

done locally, regionally, or on a national level.


Knowing how important it is to keep your drivers on the road,

FrontLine Driver Training provides the best training

available today – as efficiently as possible.

“I wish they had this course for all drivers. Very valuable to anyone who drives.”

Terri H. – Honolulu HI

“The last time I did a driver training class I was taught nothing. Today, we covered over 20 talking 
points on things that will make me a better driver, things that I have never been taught.”

Mark M. – Dallas, TX

“Lots of information that will help me in driving. A different perspective on safety, driving, and preventions
of crashes/collisions. Gave me insight as to what I was taught vs. what is correct in driving.”

Kathy N. – Orlando, FL

“Every driver should have the opportunity to gain this knowledge – invaluable.  
Nothing I learned today is taught in the driver courses I have taken.”

Alison S. – Montreal, QC



482 Southbridge St. Suite 107
Auburn, MA 01501

508 721 2697

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